6 Unique Christmas Decorations You Won’t See Anywhere Else

christmas tree

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!! Sorry, we just had to get that out of our system. Ahem. Okay. You’re here for unique Christmas decorations that you will not see in any other home. Right! 

Okay, let’s get right into that. 

Christmas is almost here, and we usually go to our box of Christmas decorations that we’ve had around since ‘08. Why don’t we try and spice it up a bit! I’m not talking about getting a mistletoe and hanging it up. 

Let’s make our guests say, “huh, that’s cool!” or think, “that’s weird, I wouldn’t have done that…” If they think the latter, well, they just have bad taste. 

Christmas Tree Made Out Of Balloons

Hear me out. If you are having a Christmas party, sometimes a real tree with fragile decorations won’t cut it. Instead try getting a stand of your preferred height, and some bigger green, and smaller red balloons. Blow up the green balloons (not all the same size) and glue them together and attach them to the stand. Once you have a good base, blow up some smaller red balloons to act as the ornaments, after that you can even add some tinsel, or a star. Carefully of course.

This may be one of those weirder decorations, but hey, it could be your style. 

Get Creative With Paper Folding

I’m not talking about paper airplanes, you can be surprised with the table decorations you can come up with. The only thing you will need is 2 hands, scissors, and some decorative paper. One of our favorites are tiny Christmas trees. These can be perfect for a table setting, or really anywhere a small tree will fit in. Here is the tutorial to fold small paper trees.

Bell Wreaths 

Often we think of pine branch wreaths, but making a DIY wreath made out of bells can bring a unique look to your home. You can make this pretty easy by getting a wreath circle at your local craft store and some jingle bells. You can buy numerous colors, for a more subtle look, get silver and gold bells, for a wreath fit for the holiday spirit get green and red ones. Make sure to grab some glue and get to work!

I guess if you’re not too keen on the look of the wreath, you will always know when someone enters your home. 

For A More Personal Touch

If your family gets any Christmas cards, don’t just keep them laying around until the time feels right to throw them away. Display them! Since most of us haven’t seen our family and close friends in awhile, show them a little extra love by putting their family on display. 

You can do this in many ways, our favorite is creating a ladder type display and hanging the cards from strings. 

Your Front Entrance

The front entrance or porch is the first thing your guests will see, so you obviously have to decorate that too. They can’t go from a barren front entrance to an interior full of holiday cheer, that’s just sensory overload waiting to happen, especially if you decide to try the balloon tree… 

There are many things you can do to your front door, our favorite is incorporating some lights. Some bright yellow lights with some pine branches will surely give your front door some love. You can also get a small wagon and turn it into a mini santa’s sleigh. Be creative!

Gift Wrapping

Now I’m sure you have tons of old gift wrapping in that storage bin we mentioned earlier, but maybe try something a little different this year. Try using more earthy colors for your gift wrapping. It may not be so flashy as a balloon tree, but if you want to switch things up, it might be worth a shot.

Don’t forget to pair it with some ribbon to match, or even some small fake branches instead of ribbon.

Don’t Forget The Most Important Thing

When everyone is gathered around the table, embracing the holiday spirit, you don’t want a wild sun glare blinding your grandmother and ruining dinner. That’s why you need some blinds, shades or shutters to control the sun. We install them for free too!