How to choose the right window coverings

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san diego shuttersYou have a lot of choices to make in your life, and some decisions are difficult, requiring more consideration to figure out. Choosing what type of window coverings you need in your home, however, should be an easy one. Vineyard Blind and Shutter wants to help you navigate and select blinds or shutters that will best complement your living environment.

What to consider when deciding to select blinds and shutter window coverings

Blinds and shutters are the most common window fixture purchased at Vineyard Blind and Shutter. Besides the way that they look, our selection may appear to have few functional differences between products. Each covering, however, has pro’s and con’s with how they work and fit your window. When choosing, you need to ask yourself some questions on what you want the coverings to accomplish such as:

  • What kind of privacy do you want for your room?
  • How much sunlight do you want to enter through your window?
  • How important is energy efficiency to you?
  • What type of maintenance is required including cleaning and repairs?
  • Does the style match your taste?
  • Are there colors that would work with your room?
  • Is cost a factor?

Vineyard Blind and Shutter can help you with any questions you may have about our products.

What is a blind?

san diego blindsBlinds are either horizontal or vertical slats that are opened and closed to modulate the amount of light they let in. If you want a clear view, blinds can be completely raised or slid to the side to allow an unobstructed view through your window or door. Vineyard Blind and Shutter offers blinds in many durable materials such as:

  • Faux Wood: Looks like real wood without the cost, easy to clean and is resistant to moisture, a perfect match for bathrooms and kitchens, durable
  • Wood: May be stained to match the wood in your current room, more cost efficient than shutters, easy to clean
  • Aluminum: Very inexpensive, lightweight, and large color selections

There are a few cons to consider before you select blinds as window coverings. Faux wood can be heavy and may be difficult to lift. When wood blinds are lifted, because of their thickness, they may block the view at the top of the window. Aluminum blinds are poor insulators and can be bent if not treated properly.

What is a shutter?

shutters san diegoShutters are similar to blinds but are opened and closed without strings. Instead, a bar attached to the slats is raised and lowered to control how much light enters. If you want an open view of your window, simply open the shutters like you would a door. Vineyard Blind and Shutters also carries shutters in a variety of colors and materials such as wood and faux wood.

The benefits of choosing shutters include:

  • They can completely block out UV rays and are more energy efficient than blinds.
  • They are easy to use and safer for children and pets since there is no cord to get tangled in.
  • Their durability ensures they will last a long time.
  • They add value to your home.

Consider the following cons, however, when choosing shutters for window coverings:

  • They are generally more expensive than blinds.
  • May not let in as much light as blinds, even when the slats are fully open.
  • If you want to open the shutters for a clear view, you need to make sure that you have clearance from furniture so that the opening range is unobstructed.

blinds san diegoYour window coverings should enhance the ambiance and natural beauty of your home. Vineyard Blind and Shutter will help you choose the best fit your style while maximizing value. Our goal is your complete satisfaction!