Everything You Need To Know About San Diego Blinds & Shutters

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There’s more involved with window treatments than you might think. The windows are something of a focal point for every room. They often dictate where furniture is placed based on basic geometry and where the sun shines at certain times of the day (you don’t want glare on your TV or computer screen).

In this post, we’ll be going over our San Diego shutters and blinds, from how to select blinds and shutters for each room of your home to how best to pet-proof them.

How To Select San Diego Blinds & Shutters

Living Room

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The first thing to remember is you want to select blinds and shutters that flow with your home’s style of decor. Keep these three factors in mind:

  • Color – You want the colors to flow. You don’t want your window treatments to clash with the overall color scheme of your living room (or any room for that matter). That said, contrast is also possible here. If your color scheme is overall neutral, try changing things up a bit with bright window treatments.
  • Window Position – Consider privacy. If you have windows that face a hallway where your bathroom is located, or windows that give a direct line of sight to your bedroom, you probably want thicker window treatments for maximum privacy. In that case, go for Venetian or vertical blinds. These are also great for lighting control as they are flexible and easy to adjust.
  • Style – If your home is more traditionally styled (involved a lot of wood furniture and lush carpets and rugs), San Diego shutters and blinds comprised of wood or faux wood are your best options. They perfectly accommodate this style. On the other hand, if your home is more modernist, minimalist, or industrial in design, go for a sleeker, modern look. Metal blinds are an interesting way of enhancing a modern home. Shades are another great option for this style.


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The above principles all apply here, with one exception: If you choose wood, go with faux wood. The reason for this is that natural wood expands and contracts due to temperature changes and with high amounts of moisture. This can lead to damage over time.

The great thing about faux wood window treatments is they look and feel just like natural wood, and are just as durable as well.


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Your home is supposed to be a place of refuge from the world, and no room in your home serves this purpose better than your bedroom. It’s a place to rest and restore your energy for the day ahead. For this purpose, you want calming colors that make you feel at peace. 

If you have a modern style home, consider dark blue, dark green, or grey San Diego blinds. If you have a traditional style home, go for rich, dark wood shutters.

How To Pet-Proof Your San Diego Shutters & Blinds

For Cat Owners

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  • Avoid Low-Hanging Fabrics: Cats love to use their claws. There aren’t too many things in the house as enticing to a cat as low hanging drapes. Unfortunately, there’s really no way of cat-proofing drapes, so instead go for blinds or shutters. In San Diego, shutters are a great choice not only for cat owners but for keeping out bright light and UV rays as well.
  • Make Sure Your Blinds & Shutters Are Durable: Cats love to look out the window. For this, they often destroy window treatments if they’re in the way. If you’ve ever owned cats while also owning cheap plastic blinds, you’re probably aware of the little square spaces they make for themselves by tearing up the outside slats. Instead, select blinds or shutters that are durable. Vertical blinds are also a good choice, as cats can’t stand on them and they’re less likely to regard them as playthings.

For Dog Owners

Dogs destroy things for many reasons. It could be out of boredom, fear, neuroticism, or illness. If loud cars or the mailman are around, many dogs spring up and want to look outside, often damaging whatever is in the way, and that includes your San Diego shutters and blinds. 

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of window treatments for dog owners that will last a long time. If you own a dog and want to select blinds and shutters, go for the following:

  • Vertical Blinds – As with cats, dogs will rarely damage these window treatments because they hang vertically to the ground, not very fun to play with, and allow them to peak through and see what’s going on quite easily.
  • Plantation Shutters – If your dog is well-behaved and only wants a peek outside, these window treatments have plenty of openings and slats that they can look through quite easily. In San Diego, shutters of the plantation-style are common.
  • Wide Slat Wood Blinds – These allow dogs to see outside quite well. However, make sure you purchase these only if you have a well-behaved dog, as they are less durable and can snap under pressure relatively easily.

Window treatments to avoid include:

  • Aluminum Mini Blinds – These can be easily bent.
  • Small Slat Blinds – Dogs will often paw on these to see what’s outside.
  • Puddled Drapes – They collect a lot of animal hair.

Wood blinds with cloth tapes – These also collect a lot of animal hair. It’s always a better idea for dog and cat owners to select blinds and shutters in San Diego that are made of wood or faux wood.