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CONTRACTORS LICENSE #869992 | [email protected]

Corona Blinds & Shutters

Keep the California sun in control with Corona blinds and shutters for your home

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Most of the time, the sun is a welcome sight for homeowners. Outside activities including hiking and yard work are more enjoyable during a bright, warm day. But where do you go to get away from the heat? If you need to spend time working indoors during sunny weather or need somewhere to cool off, without proper window treatments to block out the sun, your home could be just as warm as it is outside. Vineyard Blind & Shutters can cool your home off with a selection of window treatments such as:
  • Blinds
  • Shutters
  • Shades
All of our products are available through our no-cost-to-you mobile showroom. Vineyard Blind & Shutter representatives come to your home to show you our wide selection of textures, colors, and choices to fit your style and home. With the product in your home, we take the guesswork out of how it will look with your lighting, furniture, fixtures, and more. Our professionals will then measure your windows and provide you with a free estimate. Once you order is in, we will come to your house to install your product for free, guaranteeing a perfect fit and stress free experience for you and your family.

Our blinds fit horizontal and vertical windows with a wide selections of materials. Faux wood, composite and natural wood are just a small sample of our selection. With us doing all the measuring and ordering as a free service from Vineyard Blind & Shutter, you’ll be able to make choices with less stress and enjoy the process of taking care of your home more.

Shutters differ from blinds in that they do not have cords to pull up the slats. Shutters are adjustable to allow more or less light in and can allow for complete privacy. Shutters also can add value to your home because they are very durable.

Shades are very easy to customize to your furniture and room fixtures. There are many choices with fabrics, structures, and shapes to choose from to make the perfect fit for your home. Shades also give you the option to block the sun out completely but still allow you to have a view. Some shades allow small amounts of light into your room and still give you total privacy. With the full power of the sun being blocked with your shades, you can control the temperature of your home and keep your energy bill low.

Call Vineyard Blind & Shutter today for a visit that will change your home forever.

Vineyard Blind & Shutter is a veteran owned business that wants you to feel comfortable in your own home. Call us at (951) 447-8153, email us at [email protected], or fill out our form on our website to schedule an appointment or ask about pricing. Let us help you enjoy your outdoors and indoors of your home in comfort.