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Have you ever noticed the distinct style of shutters you find in a cozy neighborhood cafe? They cover the bottom half of the window but not the top half, allowing light to stream into the restaurant. The bottom coverings, however, prevent the sun from getting in your eyes. Fittingly, this shutter type is called a cafe-style window shutter. 

Vineyard Blind & Shutter carries beautiful choices for cafe-style shutters. Our products offer exceptional durability and style, and we stock an impressive selection of different shutters, including: 

  • Natural wood. 
  • Composite.
  • Faux wood.

In addition to picking the material we use, you can also choose the color. These options help you customize your style so it appears the cafe-style window shutters were made just for your home — because they were. 

Cafe-style shutters can provide outstanding privacy, keeping others from looking into your home. You enjoy the best of both worlds because you still get natural sunlight pouring into your space, even with part of the shutters closed. It creates an area with loads of light and an excellent ambiance. You can put these shutters in any room in your home, and you will enjoy adding new dimension to the space. 

Advantages of Choosing Cafe-Style Window Shutters

Most people choose cafe-style shutters because they want the flexibility of enjoying privacy while also bringing in sunlight. A bright room is a cheery one, and we get sunshine year-round in San Diego. Take advantage of the fantastic weather with shutters that let in the most light while shielding you from passersby and preventing the sun from getting in your eyes while you enjoy your space. Other benefits of picking our cafe-style shutters include: 

  • A fantastic accent for large windows: Cafe-style shutters look especially good on high windows, with lots of space up top that the shutters leave open. 
  • Easy installation: Since most cafe-style shutters are smaller and more lightweight than full-size shutters, it takes less time to fit them to your windows. 
  • Alternative to curtains: When searching for tiered privacy, cafe-style shutters provide similar options to curtains, giving you more stylistic choices.

Pick Vineyard Blind & Shutter for Cafe-Style Shutters

As a family-owned business serving the San Diego area, we have always prioritized our customers’ satisfaction. We believe customer service is the top priority, and we strive to improve with every interaction. We want to build long-term relationships with you. Our team offers many reasons to use our services, including: 

  • Custom-fit cafe-style shutters made specifically for your home or business. 
  • Many freebies, including free design services, estimates and measuring as well as free installation. 
  • Mobile service, including visiting your home or business to show samples. 
  • By coming to you, we allow you to view the material for your shutters against your existing decor, making your choices easier. 

We are owned by veterans, and we offer discounts to members of the military and law enforcement officers. We have six-month financing available for qualified buyers, and you can save with our referral program. Contact us today to get started. 

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