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Do you want shutters that give you more control over how much light enters the room while covering the entire window? If so, tier on tier shutters may be the best choice for your home or office. Often referred to as double-hung shutters, tier on tier shutters include two sets of panels for the same window. You can open the top or bottom without opening the other half. Though you still receive the same amount of coverage as traditional shutters, you enjoy greater flexibility. 

Tier on tier shutters maximize your privacy without sacrificing light. If you live in a busy urban area, you can close the bottom shutters to keep out prying eyes while opening the top shutters to let in natural sunlight. We recommend tier on tier shutters to people who want to open the top panels frequently instead of keeping them shut. 

Vineyard Blind & Shutter can add beautiful tier on tier shutters to your home in San Diego and surrounding areas. Our experienced team makes the process easy, from getting your measurements to picking the right product for your home to the installation. We guide you to shutters that match your home’s decor and work with your desires for your house or business. 

Benefits of Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters allow you to enjoy the best aspects of regular shutters and other types, like those with a divider rail. If you want to keep both sections shut, you can. If you want to open them both, you can do that, too. However, you can also open one or the other. You enjoy the most choices with tier on tier shutters, and these shutters still protect your privacy. Other advantages of choosing tier on tier shutters include: 

  • The flexibility to change your mind: If you want partial sunlight in the room, you can open the top or bottom shutters and close them whenever you want.
  • A choice of where to divide the shutters: You can make the top shutters a quarter of the length of the bottom or vice versa.
  • The ability to open the top easily: You don’t have to move furniture or navigate other awkward spacing when you can just reach up and open the top shutter.

Why Choose Vineyard Blind & Shutter? 

Our family-owned, veteran-operated business focuses on providing the best customer service and most outstanding installation of our top-quality products. When you work with us, you receive: 

  • Custom fittings for your shutters. 
  • Free design service, estimates, measuring and installation. 
  • Mobile assistance, with our team coming to your house or business so you can see our samples. 

We also offer many other perks, including discounts for military personnel and those in law enforcement. You can receive six months of financing when you have approved credit. Ask us about our referral program discounts to earn even more savings. Contact our team today to discuss tier on tier shutters and whether they could work for your home. We look forward to speaking with you.

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