blinds san diegoFinding the best way to filter the light in your home or office can be challenging. You need natural light in your home or business but may not enjoy the full force of the blazing Southern California sun on you all the time. Light-filtering Roman blinds may offer the solution you need. These unique and attractive options block sunlight and are flexible enough to allow some light in when you want it.

Vineyard Blind & Shutter sells light-filtering Roman blinds in the San Diego area. Our selection includes many options, including different colors and styles, that will enhance the appearance of any room. Roman blinds are easy to clean for your convenience and provide a modern look that complements many designs.

What Are Roman Blinds? 

Roman blinds are fabric window coverings that employ a cord system with rings on the fabric back to raise and lower the blinds, which stack in horizontal folds. There are two options available: 

  • Rolling: This system rolls up into the headrail, and it doesn’t have internal lifting cords. 
  • Stacking: These blinds stack without an exposed cord, and homes with pets or young children may prefer this option. 

Our selection of Roman blinds includes options that exhibit impressive durability. You can rely on them for years, and their polyester fabric ensures outstanding longevity. Your style preference will depend on your room’s appearance, but we have many options to choose from to suit your needs. 

Some spaces receive more than enough natural light, and you may want to filter more of it. Opt for Roman blinds with a sheer front shade or room-darkening panel, allowing you to lower the extra panel when you want to let less light into the room.

Benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds have a unique appearance many people love and want for their homes and offices. The distinct way the fabric rolls up creates a look that sets Roman blinds apart from other window coverings. You can also choose a material that complements your decor and meets your stylistic needs. Other advantages of choosing this type of shade include: 

  • Excellent insulation options to keep energy inside. 
  • Exceptional versatility to suit any room design and style. 
  • Differing opacities to meet your lighting preference. 

Why Choose Vineyard Blind & Shutter for Roman Blinds? 

Our business in the San Diego area is family-owned, veteran-operated and dedicated to doing business the right way. We prioritize our customers’ needs and work to meet their high expectations. When you use our services, you get a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who know the best ways to get the job done well. 

Other benefits of working with us include free in-home or in-business estimates. We come to you and bring samples of our Roman shades, so you can see what they look like with your existing decor. We perform free measurements and design services, custom fitting the shades to your home or business. Our team also performs free installations. 

You can get six-month financing options if you qualify, and we provide discounts to military and law enforcement. Contact us today to learn more. 

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