Thanksgiving Home Decor That Will Surely Impress Your Guests

thanksgiving napkin

It’s time, there’s no denying it. The Fall season is here. With fall comes colder weather, pumpkin spice, and Thanksgiving. Not in that order…

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time for being appreciative of the friends, family, and world around us. And there’s no doubt that it brings us all together, whether that be in person gathered around the dinner table, or over a zoom meeting. Having each other’s company is all that matters.

If your family tradition involves you all being in the same house, eating turkey, and watching football, you really need to capture that feeling of togetherness. What better way to that than decorating your home, it can make a world of difference if done correctly.

Here are 10 home decor ideas that will surely impress your family and friends. 

Outdoor Decor

Let’s start with the outside of your home, wherever your main entryway is, that’s where we will want to focus. 

  1. Wreath. Wreaths are often a Christmas decoration, but why not use them for Fall?
    1. A great fall wreath is one made out of pinecones. If you have a pine tree around your home, you have perfect access to all of the pinecones you want. If not, head to your local craft store and grab some fake ones. Make sure to grab a wooden circle or something that will supply as a base for the wreath. Then glue all of the pinecones on the base and go hang it up!
  2. Pumpkins! Sadly at this point, Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the pumpkins on display. 
    1. Most likely your Jack-O-Lanterns are rotten, but if you kept some whole pumpkins around they will make the perfect decor. Plus add a splash of color. 
  3. Signs. Again, we all know that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. But I think we all could use a gentle reminder every once in a while. 
    1. Wooden signs can add that perfect rustic feel and the reminder your guests may require. If you are going to DIY this, go grab some scrap wood, 2 different colors of spray paint, and some stencils. Spray the wood 1 color, then stencil in “Give Thanks” or any other saying you think your guests need. Rest it outside and then move into the inside, we still need to decorate in there. 

Indoor Decor

The inside of the house is where your guests will be spending most of their time. These are just a few suggestions, don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with it. 

  1. If you have a fireplace, this is a prime place to decorate. 
    1. Some of the decor you can add to your fireplace is a bundle of (fake) leaves, a banner with some wholesome thanksgiving pictures or words, maybe a mirror, and some small pumpkins. 
  2. Painted Mason Jars. Mason Jars are a must-have for any season’s decorations. 
    1. If you are looking for some really rustic design, take some white paint, roll it around in some mason jars, wait for it to dry then place some flowers in them. 
  3. Dessert Platters. You spent a long time making your food, now really make it pop!
    1. With this, you can be pretty creative. Just showcasing the food you have made can bring an extra element to your entire home design. An example would be a wooden platter. 

Dinner Table Decor

While everyone will be inside enjoying each other’s company, you will all most likely be at the dinner table. Now, this is the place you really want to decorate. We will focus on a centerpiece, nameplates, and napkins. 

Flowered branch on place on a napkin and plate with a nametag that says thankful.
  1. With a Centerpiece placed on your dinner table, you can get as creative or as easy as you want.
    1. You can also go very floral and colorful, or keep it rustic and earthy. You can be grandiose or very minimal. Go wild!
  2. Nameplates are nametags you can place on specific spots on the table for where people will be sitting. 
    1. A creative way to do this is to buy some small pumpkins, thumbtacks, and fancy paper. Place each pumpkin near each seat, then write your guests’ names out on a piece of paper and tack it to the pumpkin. 
  3. Displaying fancy napkins are an easy way to wow your guests.
    1. Look up some ways to fold napkins on Youtube and fold them that way. They do it at fancy restaurants, why can’t you?

Control The Mood

If you are going for a more relaxed Thanksgiving Dinner with your significant other. A very good purchase is a quality set of Blinds, Shades, or Shutters. These can help you control the mood and the light with ease. For romantic, or photograph needs.

Now that you have all of these decorations, don’t throw them out (except the pumpkins) use them next year! Think of it as an investment.