Tips For Decorating Your Home Office Space

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Having a home office is either a necessity for you, or a place that has a desk with a stack of mail that hasn’t been touched since October. Whether you use it everyday, or once a month, decorating it can make a big difference. There are 3 main things that you should consider when designing your home office; Desk Placement, Decor, and Organization.

Desk Placement

If you are just starting to consider a home office, or moved into a new home, you need to map out where you will be putting your desk. If you already have a home office, maybe now is a good time to change things up.

First, decide on a desk that will fit the space, you don’t want to get a desk that is way too big for the room. Nor a desk too small for what you need to put on it. 

Once you’ve picked out the right desk, your first choice should be placing it near a window. Keeping it well lit, and having an outside view can increase your productivity and creativity. 

Don’t let it get too bright! 

But! Don’t let this stop you from putting your desk near a window. Getting some shades can easily fix this problem. Shades can filter out as much or as little light as you want. Plus, some come with automatic mechanics, that way you can stay seated and lift or drop them down with ease. 

You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have an easy window to place your desk near, just get a big picture of a familiar outside setting. Even this can increase productivity. Make sure it’s a familiar setting, if you live in the mountains of Colorado, you shouldn’t have a painting of the ocean (unless you used to live near one or it inspires you). Don’t let us stop you from living your home office dreams!

One of the biggest suggestions we can give is investing in a great chair. If your office space has an uncomfortable chair, you’ll never want to be there. 

If your office is in a pretty big room, try the “CEO placement.” Instead of facing a window, place your back towards it and face the entrance of your office. Although if you do this, having shades on the window is crucial. You don’t want glare on your computer screen.

Desk Decor Tips                                            

Now for the fun part, decorations! In this phase you can take full control of your office and create anything you want. The following tips are only suggestions, take as much or as little inspiration as you’d like. 

Add some lighting. Windows provide a lot of light… during the day. If you are working at night, having the light from only your computer can hurt your eyes after a long period of time. We suggest placing some soft lamps, LED’s, or string lights around. They can even provide a good look during the day. 

Keep colors in mind, take the colors that make you relaxed and build a palette off of them. Then stick to it, don’t just make it an office, make it your own little environment. 

Be sure to keep meaningful things around you. If you have a little trinket that your grandmother gave you, keep it placed on your desk or shelf. Having little mementos around can keep the place feeling happy and comfortable to you. 

If your space is smaller, using mirrors and pictures can create an illusion of a bigger space. Regardless of room size, putting some pictures up that you care about can really solidify it being your own space.

If your desk will be used to work from, keeping a calendar on hand is super helpful. Not just a Google Calendar on your desktop, but a physical calendar on your desk or wall. Writing out your daily to do’s and tasks can help you stay organized and increase your productivity.

Lastly, and arguably the best, is plants. Having some plants around can keep you calmer, plus they look cool. You don’t have to go crazy with it, even a succulent or lucky bamboo can bring life to your office. (both are really easy to care for).


We all know the benefits of staying organized. There is no exception with your home office and desk. 

The main thing is making sure everything has a place. No matter what it is. The trinkets have their spot on the desk, your computer has a set spot, and your shade remote has a spot. If something doesn’t have a spot, you might set it down and forget where you put it. 

Organizing your cords is crucial. You don’t want to go to sit down and catch your foot with a cord and tear down your whole desk. You can find many cord organizers on Amazon. 

The best way to reduce unneeded clutter is keeping a trashcan nearby. No one likes cheeto bags and empty La Croix cans sitting around. If you tend to eat a lot at your desk, make sure to keep your trash covered. For extra precaution keep a candle on hand. 

There are so many minimalist desks. But something they lack is drawers. If you have quite a bit of stuff, make sure to get a desk with drawers, or find an external drawer to keep it in. You don’t want it sitting on the floor or worse, your desk. 

Make It Yours!

At the end of the day these are all suggestions. Take as many or as little as you’d like. Make it yours! If you copy someone, where is the creativity?! Good luck!