Trendy Home Decor Ideas You Need In Fall 2020

leaves in air

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. But with that end, comes the cozy time of Fall. In 2020, fall begins on September 22nd. That’s less than a month away! For many, fall decorations can’t come soon enough. Arguably, fall decorations are some of the best to put up. Adding a rustic environment can change the mood of any home. Whether you enjoy utilizing indoor or outdoor decorations, or you’re into DIY or finding deals at your local stores we have ideas for you. 

Better Start Now!

You may think that August is a little early to be getting your Fall decorations all set up. Fall starts in less than a month, so why not get started a little early and get into the holiday spirit. If that’s not your thing, the best practice is to start putting up your fall decorations when the leaves start to change. 

Trendy Indoor Fall Decor

When you think of fall decor, you most likely think of pumpkins and different colored leaves, but there is much more to it than that. Here’s a list of 5 indoor fall decorations. 

Celosia Flowers
  1. Speaking of fall plants, you can set baskets of other fall plants around your house. Some of these plants include:
    1. Celosia – Durable and great for any decor as they range from a deep red color to a bright purple.
    2. Dianthus – A beautiful flower that also blooms many colors and releases a soothing fragrance.
    3. Black-Eyed Susan – These flowers are often mistaken for sunflowers, but are much smaller and can brighten any room with their looks. 
  2. Plaid. 
    1. Believe it or not, plaid gives off a very unique look and feel to any room. The fall season looks very similar to plaid, different sets of colors all layered together in disorganized yet organized ways. 
  3. Since the air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, it’s time to bring out the fluffy blankets.
    1. Some of the most popular designs are solid colored fleece (we like deep oranges), neutral-colored cotton blankets, and again plaid wool blankets. 
  4. Instead of using the same ole’ vases you use every year, try using vintage tins.
    1. As mentioned earlier, Autumn is a big jumbled mess of colors, and matching a white, red, and yellow vintage tin with green, yellow, and orange flowers is going to look amazing. 
    2. Head to your local flea market to find some vintage tins.
  5. Pears!
    1. Often, apples and pumpkins are used as fruit decorations. Pears often get overlooked as they don’t supply your home with as bright of colors as apples. But we think they can supply more to the color palette of greens and browns than apples or pumpkins can. 

Be Creative!

As for where you decide to put these decorations is up to you and your home! If you have a more rustic home, feel free to go heavy on the decor, and really go all out for the holiday seasons. If you have a more modern looking home, taking it easy on it might be the best bet. If you are dissatisfied with the feel of your home, changing the blinds, shades, or shutters can be a good start. If you currently have wooden shutters, but want a more modern look, changing to some white or off-white shades can instantly make your home seem more modern. If you are looking to invest in a rustic look, try transitioning to wooden shutters. Learn more about what we can install here

Trendy Outdoor Fall Decor

Often we let the environment do the Autumn decorating outside, but why not help mother nature out a bit. Decorating the outside of your house can really make you stand out in the neighborhood. Here are 5 ideas for outdoor decor:

  1. Wreaths! 
    1. Move aside, Winter! You aren’t the only season that gets wreaths. Although substitute the evergreen with grapevines. You can add faux apples or pumpkins to give them a splash of color. Or, you can use brightly colored leaves you find scattered throughout your yard.
  2. If you often have guests over, this may the decoration for you. A custom Chalkboard. 
    1. Take a small chalkboard and glue it behind an old wooden picture frame so that the board shows. Then take some vines with berries and wrap them around it. Don’t forget the chalk so you can welcome your guests or even write chores on it for your kids. 
  3. Corn Husks.
    1. Since it is the time of corn mazes and pumpkin patches, why not decorate your house with some corn husks. Just string them up or toss them around the more visible parts of your home to add some depth.
  4. We know you will probably have some carved pumpkins around your house during Halloween. Get an early head start and create a pumpkin display.
    1. Find some small pumpkins that you like (don’t carve them), then find a medium-sized galvanized tub, and stencils with a sharpie (optional). Place the pumpkins in the bucket and put some of the leftover cornhusks or flowers around them. To take it even further, take the stencils and trace out any wording on the bucket, such as; Pumpkins, Farm Fresh Pumpkins, or $5.00 Pumpkins. Or anything else!
  5. Lastly is a project that is both decorative and useful. A natural bird feeder. 
    1. Take a pumpkin and chop it in half, scoop it out to make a bowl, and add some birdseed in the middle of it. Take some string or twine and tie it up in your tree or on your porch. This is beautiful to add to any outdoor decor, plus you can watch the birds while you’re inside drinking some coffee. 

Stop And Smell The… Leaves?

Decorating the outside of your home can be super fun, but don’t forget about the fall decor mother nature will bring. All of the leaves, cold brisk air, and nighttime arriving a little earlier than normal. Make sure to get your fall activities in before the snow starts to fall; playing in the leaves, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin carving. 

With all of the chaos in our lives, take some time to just sit on your porch with a cup of coffee and enjoy the calming season of fall. If you don’t have time, make time, wake up half an hour early. Letting your mind and body rest for even just a short amount of time can make a world of difference.