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What Are Polycore Shutters? And Why Should I Get Them For My Home?

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You may have been looking for new window coverings, but what do you choose? If you are looking for a durable, modern, and cost-efficient shutter, Polycore is right for you. There are often many questions surrounding Polycore Shutters. Such as: 

  • What are they? 
  • Who makes them? 
  • How are they made? 
  • How do they compare to other types of Shutters? 
  • What sizes, colors, and uses do they have?
  • How much do they cost? 
  • How cost efficient are they?
  • Should I get them if I have pets or toddlers? 
  • Will they fit my style of home?

All of these questions will be answered below.

The Main Features of Polycore Shutters

Do you just need a quick explanation of what Polycore Shutters are? Well, they are a type of shutter that covers your windows from the inside of your house, they are operated by sliding a rod to open and close the shutters. Sunland Shutters created Polycore Shutters; their patented design makes them more durable and cost efficient than any other shutter on the market. What makes them so durable is the aluminum bar through the center of the individual shutters, most shutters are made out of synthetic material. The paint used on them is a water-based paint that is baked onto the shutters, which makes them scratch resistant and water resistant. Making them ideal for bathroom and kitchens. They have the appeal of wood shutters and are as reliable as synthetic shutters, making them a popular choice. Although the customization options will set you apart from your neighbors.

Who Makes Polycore Shutters?

Sunland Shutters are the creators of Polycore Shutters. They take great care and consideration into their products. Sunland says that they are the only shutters that can allow for individual panel widths of 36 inches, giving them a very unique look. Sunland recommends shutters to people who want to increase the style of their home and the value of it. Vineyard Blind & Shutter proudly offers Polycore Shutters. 

How Do They Make Polycore Shutters?

Polycore Shutters are made very meticulously. Aluminum is not only in the shutters but in the frame as well, making them more durable than any other shutter. The materials that go into the shutters are also top of the line; made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and aluminum. Polycore also uses a baked on waterborne finish, to really up the durability. All of these combine into a product that is water resistant, fire rated, dent resistant, and scratch resistant. Through the time that you have them, they will not; warp, split or crack. 

Should I Get Polycore or Wood Shutters?

Choosing between Polycore and wood will depend on your budget, the design of your home and the different qualities you want to get out of your shutters. Wood Shutters are stunning and will fit perfectly into a rustic-themed home, but more modern-style houses may want to keep with their theme and choose Polycore design shutters. 

Finding the perfect style for your home is crucial, but how do you decide? When comparing wood vs. Polycore shutters, consider the safety, durability and aesthetic requirements you want to meet to find the best shutters for you. 

Polycore Shutters

We carry Sunland Polycore shutters to ensure you get the best quality for your house. There are many benefits to choosing Polycore, including: 

  • Cost: Polycore is generally less expensive than wood. 
  • Energy-efficiency: Polycore is highly energy-efficient as it is effective at blocking out sunlight and UV rays.
  • Durability: Sunland Polycore is reinforced with aluminum, making it durable and resistant to warping and cracks. 
  • Moisture resistance: Unlike wood, Polycore is moisture-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about water damage affecting the shape and strength of your shutters.
  • Fire retardance: Polycore material is rated against fire damage and will not burn as quickly or intensely as wood.
  • Easy maintenance: With Polycore shutters, all you have to do to clean them is wipe them with a soft, damp cloth or a duster. This makes them a convenient option for busy households.

Wood Shutters

Wood is an attractive choice for homes with rustic themes and classic designs. Some reasons to choose wood shutters include:

  • Strength: Wood is a highly durable material that will hold up well over time. While paint may flake off or require touch-ups, wood is a solid, sturdy material. 
  • Variety: Wood shutters can come in many colors and finishes, making them highly customizable.
  • Aesthetics: Wood has a classic, timeless look that works well with many house styles. 

Wood shutters are solid and attractive, but they do have their downsides. The main one is their susceptibility to expansion. Wood will increase in size if exposed to too much moisture, making it not the best choice for bathrooms, kitchens or any other place where it might have constant contact with water. This won’t happen with Polycore Shutters since they are made from synthetic materials. 

Polycore does have limited color options, making it a good choice for homes with bright, modern themes. Wood Shutters have the added benefit of different colors, rather than white or off-white. Wood Shutters do not have aluminum on the inside, thus limiting their durability. The synthetic material in Polycore makes it difficult to damage. At the same time, its finish is highly resistant to flaking, fading and chipping, as opposed to wood shutter finishes, which require touch-ups over time.

Both Polycore and wood are excellent materials for increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Installing shutters helps to reduce the heat loss from your windows and can block sunlight from coming in during the hottest parts of the day. The lower price and increased durability of Polycore shutters, however, make them the more cost-effective option. Selecting this option over wood increases energy efficiency and reduces your overall cost of purchasing and maintaining shutters.

There are excellent benefits to owning either Polycore or wood shutters. Choosing the material that best fits your home will ensure you have a long-lasting, stylish shutter that will stand the test of time without breaking your budget. 

Should I Get Polycore or Vinyl Shutters?

Vinyl shutters are a good shutter for people on a lower budget. They are hollow, unlike the Polycore Shutters. Since they are cheaper, they don’t have the same feel as the Polycore Shutters. They have less durability, more noise when opening and closing, and don’t increase the value of your home as much as Polycore Shutters. So why not spend a little bit more money on a better Shutter and increase the value of your home? Vinyl Shutters are also not as scratch resistant, nor fire retardant.

All of the Colors, Sizes, and Uses of Polycore Shutters

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With the durability that comes with Polycore Shutters also comes versatility. Although Polycore Shutters only come in 5 different shades of white, these colors will fit in with almost any home. The sizes and shapes that these shutters come in will fit any window you may have. These shapes include; Sunburst, Rake, Circle, Eyebrow, Arch, Octagon, and French Door. Doors? You may be asking. Well, Polycore Shutters can also cover doors, both swing doors and sliding glass doors. Adding shades to your door can give you both uniformity and privacy that you may have been missing before. 

What About the Price?

Polycore Shutters are the most durable and versatile shutters on the market and have the added benefit of being cheaper than Wood Shutters. In addition to their lower price, Polycore Shutters are water-resistant, fire-rated and scratch and dent resistant. Other shutters on the market cannot compare. Another added bonus is their insulated design. Keeping them closed during the summer will keep your house cooler. 

Since the Polycore Shutters are not hollow, they trap the hot air between the window and the shutters, cutting down on your A.C. bill. During the winter months, keeping them open will heat your home. Since they have a lot of visibility, they will let the sun pass into the house, cutting down your heating bill. Their lower cost and increased durability, when compared to wood, make them an excellent, cost-efficient choice for any home. 

What If I Have Pets? Or Small Children?

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Many pets love to look out the window, especially cats, and often times a window covering can get in the way of their amusement. Traditional blinds can get torn up, or the cords can get played with and ripped off. At times they can be a choking hazard to small children. Since Polycore Shutters don’t use a cord, those can’t be hazardous or ripped off. Pets will sometimes destroy traditional blinds, but with Polycore’s durability, they can’t do that as easily and will give up. The added visibility will also prevent your pets from destroying them in the first place. The scratch resistance is an added bonus for the more curious furry friends. 

Will Polycore Shutters Fit In With My Home?

Polycore shutters definitely have a more modern look, but with all of the colors and trim variations, there will definitely be a look for your home. Although if you have a very rustic looking home, Wood Shutters tend to look a bit better. 

Why Not Try Polycore Shutters?

Polycore shutters have a more modern look, but with all of the colors and trim variations, you are sure to find the perfect shade for your home. Although, if you have a very rustic-looking home, Wood Shutters tend to look a bit better. If you want more information on shutters, check out the reviews for our Polycore and wood shutters to see the quality results of our work.