What Window Coverings In Southern California Will Work for Your Home?

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Windows can be a wonderful asset to your home. You can enjoy the view without leaving your house and can let natural light warm and light up your day. After the sun sets and the night leaves your view dark, Window Coverings in Southern California can protect your privacy and keep your energy bills down. Vineyard Blind & Shutter have many different options for both your home style and lifestyle. There are four main types of window coverings: Blinds, Shades, and Shutters. After choosing the best fit for your home, you can begin to enjoy your view night or day.

Blinds for Window Coverings in Southern California

office blinds - Southern California Window CoveringsThere are various types of blinds that you can install in your home. The vertical or horizontal slats can come in various types of material such as faux wood, natural wood, plastic, metal, or composite. When opened, the slats stack neatly together on either the side or the top of the window and won’t block the view. With a wide selection of colors, you can select blinds that are the perfect addition to any window.

Shades for Window Coverings in Southern California

shades - Southern California Window CoveringsShades are very similar to blinds but instead of individual slats, shades are usually made of fabric. Vineyard Blind & Shutter can offer you a large variety of shades such as:

  •    Roman Shades: Good for blocking the sun, smooth when open, and have slats inside
  •    Roller Shades: Fabric that can cover the window when needed and rolls up out of the way when put away
  •    Pleated Shades: Usually a one layer fabric that allows some light to filter through.
  •    Woven Wood Shades: made from textured reeds, grasses and woods
  •    Honeycomb Shades: Pleated fabrics that form a honeycomb-shaped compartments which can provide insulation
  •    Horizontal Shades
  •    Vertical Shades
  •    Averte Shades: Used for large windows, usually on a vertically mounted track, similar to roman shades.

Shutters in Southern California

Wooden Shutters - Southern California Window CoveringsIf you are interested in shutters, Vineyard Blind & Shutter offers only the highest quality. We work with Sunland Shutters, Norman Shutters, Hunter Douglas, and other regional suppliers. There are several components to shutters, providing you with many options for a custom fit and style.

  •    Louvers: These are the panels that make up the shutters and allow you to adjust the light in your home. Larger louvers will allow more light in. We offer three different louver sizes: 4.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 2.5 inches.
  •    Shutter frame: This is the frame in which the shutter panels are installed. We offer 10 different styles of frames to choose from.
  •    By-pass panels: These panels are mounted to an overhead track system and can slide past one another when you move them to open a window or French doors.
  •    Tilt rod: This is a rod in the center of a louver panel and moves the louvers open or closed.
  •    Divider rail: The rail that divides your shutters into two different sections, an upper and lower.
  •    Split tilt: If you have a divider rail, each pair of louvers has a rod called a split tilt. You are able to open and close the louvers independent of the shutter frame above or below.
  •    Hidden tilt: If you prefer not to have your tilt rod visible, we can install a hidden tilt. The hidden tilt is placed near the edge of the shutter frame so as to give the shutters a clean look.

Window Coverings in Southern California can help block the sun in the summer to keep your house cool. They also keep your house warm in the cooler months by not letting air escape through your windows. Vineyard Blind & Shutters make choosing a window covering easy by coming to you. We have a mobile business that will meet with you at your convenience. Our licensed and trained technician comes to your home and provides all these services for free. Our range of first class services includes:

  •    Free Measuring: Leave the measurements to us so you don’t have to worry if the window covering will fit right when they arrive.
  •    Free Estimates: After all the decisions and measurements are taken, we will calculate exactly how much your order will be. No guess work and surprise charges.
  •    Free Installation: Window Coverings in Southern California can be a hassle to install. We do all the work. We will deliver your order and install it that day. That night, you can sleep easy knowing that everything is exactly the way you wanted it to be.

Window Coverings in Southern California can help you save money with your energy bills so Vineyard Blind & Shutters want to help you save money when you shop with us. We offer military and law enforcement discounts. If you refer us to your friends and family and they do business with us, we give you a discount for helping get the word out. We also allow 6 month financing with approved credit. We are a veteran and family owned business with quality customer service and outstanding technicians with the experience you need. When you shop for Window Coverings in Southern California, choose Vineyard Blind & Shutter. We’ll come to you and help you every step of the way.