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CONTRACTORS LICENSE #869992 | [email protected]

Hemet Blinds & Shutters

As a resident of Hemet, CA, you are undoubtedly proud of this lively and vibrant city. You take pride in your surroundings and community. So why should your home or business have anything but the best Hemet blinds and shutters available from Vineyard Blind & Shutter? After all, premium window coverings will liven up your living and working areas unlike most other upgrades can.

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What can elegant Hemet blinds and shutters by Vineyard Blind & Shutter do for your home?

Blinds and shutters do so much more than just cover your windows. They provide great light management options so that you can personally adjust the amount of sunlight that filters into your building or dwelling. Reducing the amount of sunlight can also help to control the temperature inside and provide a comfortable environment. Energy costs can also be mitigated by increasing or decreasing the amount of light entering your windows.  Vineyard Blind & Shutter offers the following types of blinds:

  • Faux wood
  • Composite
  • Natural wood
Our blind specialists will help you determine what style works best for your particular tastes and vision.

Hemet blinds and shutters add a sense of elegant aesthetics to your property. Windows are often one of the first noticed features of a building and custom fit blinds and shutters from Vineyard Blind & Shutter will add to the over character of your living or working spaces. All of our blinds are perfectly fitted by our professional technicians on site. We come right to you! No need to make endless trips to the big box stores if your blinds just don’t seem to be correct. But what about the styles of blinds available? We’ve got you covered.

Shutters are a great alternative to traditional blinds. We offer shutters that feature superior workmanship and quality – guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication and elegance. And, just like the blinds we install, they will be perfectly sized and fitted for each and individual window they are installed on. Shutters offer great sunlight management and privacy.

Shades are a simple alternative to more expensive draperies and will accent your living or work space while occupying minimal room. All of the shades installed by Vineyard Blind & Shutter are custom fitted on site and installed by our professional technicians.

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We strive to offer the best Hemet blinds, shutters, and shades at unbeatable prices. We offer military, law enforcement, and referral program discounts. Measurements, estimates, and installation are free of charge. We also offer 6 month financing with approved credit. So what are you waiting for? Contact us by filling out the form found on this page or call us at (951) 447-8153 for a free consultation with one of our technicians today.