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Faux Wood Blinds in San Diego, CA

Adding faux wood blinds to a home or office offers instant sophistication. The upscale material looks at home in modern and contemporary designs, as well as alongside more rustic or classic decor.

Premium look without paying a high price .

Faux wood blinds provide the best option for your needs, with costs markedly lower than real wood blinds. Vineyard Blind & Shutter sells faux wood blinds in many colors and sizes. Our large selection includes many options for your home or business that combine fantastic aesthetic appeal with reliable function and great value. Faux wood blinds reflect a practical choice, and they look best on smaller windows in a kitchen or bathroom, though you can use them anywhere.
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Faux wood blinds look just like wood but are made from other materials. The look and finish mimic the appearance of wood, with slight imperfections and unique coloring that make them look natural.
Faux wood blinds are made from plastic composite made to look like wood. While faux wood blind materials are not wood, you might not guess that from a glance. The composite looks so much like wood that your guests will never know the difference.
We have options available in many faux wood blind colors. Choose from light, medium and dark shades depending on your space and what you want it to look like. Because we come to your home or business to show you samples, you can look at the many options and consider your existing decor to see which one will fit the best.
While we stock several sizes to fit your needs, our 2-inch faux wood blinds are the most popular. These options offer the right amount of coverage without overpowering the window.

The most significant advantage faux wood has over genuine wood is the price, which is significantly lower than real wood. Other differences include:

  • Versatility: Faux wood blinds come in an array of styles and colors that mimic many wood species, giving you abundant choices.
  • Moisture resistance: While real wood can absorb moisture, faux wood blinds resist moisture, making them excellent for humid rooms.
  • Maintenance: Faux wood is easy to clean, and you can use a damp cloth to clean your blinds or wash them without causing water damage.

If you live in the San Diego area and are interested in faux wood blinds, Vineyard Blind & Shutter has you covered. We are a family- and veteran-owned business offering outstanding options for window coverings and the best customer service in the area. We put our customers’ satisfaction above everything and work to win your trust and appreciation. The benefits of choosing our team include:

  • Free estimates, measuring, design and installation services.
  • Seeing samples in your home or business to better imagine the blinds in your space.
  • Custom fitting new blinds.

We offer six-month financing to qualified buyers, plus discounts to those in the military and law enforcement. Ask about our referral program, too. Contact our team today to set up an initial appointment.

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