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Vertical Blinds in San Diego, CA

Vineyard Blind & Shutter sells an extensive collection of vertical blinds, including motorized ones. We offer a comprehensive fitting service, coming to your home or business to perform measurements and let you see samples of our blinds before you buy.

Motorized Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have become increasingly popular, providing a stylish way to cover large windows, especially in sunrooms and other bonus areas in homes. Businesses employ them as well, with large board rooms and attractive outdoor areas all buffered by vertical blinds. Getting motorized vertical blinds provides a practical benefit, automating the opening and closing of the blinds and ensuring they are properly operated.
You can see what they look like with your existing decor and judge what will work best.
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Vertical blinds hang up and down and attach to the sliding track at the top of the window. You can move them back and forth by pulling a rod or using a motorized mechanism. 

Vertical blinds are often employed on large windows. Because horizontal blinds use an up-and-down cord pulley mechanism, they get heavy when they cover a large area. Vertical blinds are a better option in these cases because you can pull them back and forth without increasing weight. 

You can use vertical blinds anywhere you choose. Some of the most popular places include: 

  • Bay windows. 
  • Patio or French doors. 
  • Sliding glass doors. 

We sell many vertical window blinds. Your preference will depend on the room you want to put them in and your design aesthetic. Some of our vertical blind designs include: 

  • Motorized vertical blinds: Motorized vertical blinds use a power source to automatically open when you press a button. The system costs a bit more than manual blinds but lasts far longer. 
  • Manual vertical blinds: These blinds work using a pull system rather than automation. Pulling the blinds by hand can be inconvenient, but you can move your blinds without battery power.
  • Cordless vertical blinds: Cordless vertical blinds rely on wands to move back and forth. If you have a rod, you can turn it back and forth to block light or let more light in. 
Choosing motorized vertical blinds can help you protect pets and young children who can get tangled in a cord. You may be able to program the blinds to open and close remotely or on a set schedule when you go on vacation, adding to your home’s security. You can automate the blinds to close at the height of the day’s sun to preserve your furniture from sun exposure and save energy. Plus, automation is a fun way to modernize your home, making it more practical and convenient.

The styles of vertical blinds also range widely. We have modern vertical window blinds and more traditional options, such as wooden vertical blinds, which appear classic and elegant. If you have a vision, we can fulfill it by working together to find a look you love. 

Trying to measure for vertical blinds may be confusing if you are not a professional. If you measure incorrectly, you could order the wrong size of blinds and have to reorder. That’s why we provide this service for free, making made-to-measure vertical blinds based on the measurements we take at your home or business. By using a professional, you take the guesswork out of the process. 

We send someone to your home with vertical blind samples, and they take your measurements. Then we can make the blinds custom for your space. We also provide free estimates and design services. Our team will keep you involved throughout the vertical blinds measuring and fitting process, so you always know what you’re getting. 

We work with top manufacturers in the business to bring you the most recognizable names. Our available stock may rotate from month to month, but you can expect the highest quality when you buy from us. We know that working with trusted names gives you the reliability you deserve.

Buy Motorized Vertical Blinds From Vineyard Blind & Shutter

Operating in San Diego, Vineyard Blind & Shutter is a family-owned business that cares about our customers. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our team wants you to love your new blinds. In addition to coming to your home to show you samples, we also provide financing options for up to six months for qualified buyers and give military and law enforcement discounts. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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