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CONTRACTORS LICENSE #869992 | [email protected]

What Home Owners Are Saying About Us

At Vineyard Blind & Shutter, we take great care and responsibility of every home we get an opportunity to work in. If you are curious about the services or products we offer, give us a call or contact us. See how we can help turn your home into your dream home.
The people from Vineyard were very friendly and helpful and the prices on Norman shutters were lower than other places we had researched. Even though we live in Carlsbad, which is pretty far from Vineyard’s location, both people that came to our home were early/on time for our appointments. I also really appreciated that they were able to take appointments in the evening so we didn’t have to take time off work to be there. As a resident of San Diego, CA Norman shutters from Vineyard are beautiful and elegant additions perfect for any home.

San Diego, CA
I bought blinds from this company about 8 months back and I’m still happy… In fact I’m planning to use them again to install shutters. They have outstanding service and the installation was professional and quick. Compared to what my developer wanted for blinds Vineyard Blinds was hands down the better price. Nothing to complain about… It’s nice to see a company that put their costumer first. Thank you all.
Jonathan K.
Murrieta, CA
I knew the minute that Matt (owner) walked in the door that I was probably going to place my order with them. He went through the whole process of how the blinds work, the size that works best for my windows, the colors and why some colors work better than others and on and on and on. He took a great deal of time “educating” me. Good stuff!! To top it off, his prices were about $150 cheaper than what I had been given.
Shiela P.
Murrieta, CA
We recently moved a were looking for window coverings for about 16 large windows. We received a flyer in the mail from this company and then reviewed them on yelp. We decided to obtain an estimate from this company and others. They were very responsive and were able to send a representative out rather quickly to give us an estimate. My husband noted the representative was professional, informative, and on time for their meeting. After obtaining other estimates we opted to go with this company and are very pleased with the outcome. We had about eight sets of blinds and eight shutters installed ( two different rooms). The blinds were installed first a couple weeks after we placed the order and the shutters were installed about eight weeks after ordering (this was the estimated timeline provided to us). The installers were on time, professional, quick, and cleaned up after themselves. A couple of the shutters did not sit right and I called to have them adjusted. Within a few days the company was out here doing the adjustments and now they are great. We are very happy with this company and would recommend them! Thank you!!
Christina J.
San Clemente, CA
We moved into a new home and with a new home comes the need to provide window coverings. The builder offered blinds at a price of $3,500 and that just seemed high. We had to order blinds for our rental house in addition to the new house. I called Home Depot to provide blinds for the rental and one thing that really ticked me off about HD is that they charge a $50 non-refundable fee just to measure. This should have been a red flag. When my wife mentioned Vineyard to me I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give them a chance. Our neighbors in the new neighborhood paid Home Depot $1600 to put blinds in a smaller house and as I can see, they didn’t put blinds everywhere. Randy from Vineyard came out. He removed his shoes when he came to the door which to me is a polite gesture. He came in, measured the windows, and gave us a quote. No pressure. The price he quoted us for 30 windows was about the same price Home Depot charged our neighbors for a smaller home and fewer windows. I was happy! The subject of my other house came up and Randy said if I could back out of the deal he would give me a great price. So I happily called Home Depot and canceled the order. Unfortunately, my $50 was not refunded. (Shame on you Home Depot. I will be Yelping you one star). Anyway, Randy went out of his way to come measure my other house on a Saturday. He was able to save me $400 at the other house and took off another $150 for doing two houses. The rental house was a little more expensive because there are a few very large windows. But all in all, both houses cost me less than the $3,500 the builder was charging me and certainly less than what Home Depot would have charged. I think Randy could have given me a deeper discount but opted not to. Either way, I think he gave us a heck of a deal. I would recommend Vineyard to anyone looking for nice window coverings.
Gary D.
Escondido, CA
Just got our blinds installed and I have to say, I'm very happy with the process. I got a quote through Yelp and a phone call within 10 minutes. Scheduled my appointment with a designer and the set up of just that took 15 minutes. The designer came and I LOVED her. I forgot her name, but she was like a mom figure and was really loving and had our best interest in mind. I was in my early stage of pregnancy and not feeling good so I looked like a mess, and omg our house was a disaster. She didn't care one bit and helped us choose our blinds. I was so impressed with just the appointment and setting up with the appointment that we booked right then and there. Our blinds are now installed and it took less than an hour for the two men to install. They were professional, and made sure each blind was working correctly before they left. All in all, we're beyond thrilled with the experience and are so happy with the end result
Danielle S.
Yorba Linda, CA
Wow! This was a great experience! I ordered some discount Plantation Shutters in San Diego, CA to be installed in the entire upstairs floor of my Corona, CA home and I am extremely pleased. 

First I got 3 estimates and they were as different as can be. The first were basically vinyl from a place advertising in the newspaper. Second was 3 day blinds that I have used in the past and last Vineyard. The only blinds I considered were 3 day and Vineyard the others were too cheap of quality. The price was very high with 3 day Blind. Vineyard for what seemed a similar product were a much less expensive. 

Randy came out for the estimate and was more than happy to give us all the information we would need up front including a BBB printout of their good standing. The price was so fair that we added a window we originally planned to exclude. What an amazing job from the installer that came out and cleaned as he went to the phone calls and follow up. The details like bringing a louver to my house prior to installation so I could match the windowsill paint to just returning calls made it nice to work with the company. I went with a 3 1/2 inch louver and the whole upstairs looks sharp! 
The time from order to install was about 8 weeks and estimated time was 6-7. I did however say that I wasn’t in a hurry and price was more important than how soon I could get them. My daughter bought hers at Lowes and says I got a way better deal on the price.

I haven’t really had a chance to say how they will last but they seem like a nice quality. I would recommend them. They had no problem with coming to Corona for the estimate and work.
Tracy B.
Corona, CA
I recently worked with Vineyard Blind & Shutter for a small job at my commercial building. Sherri was our sales rep, she was super sweet and very responsive to our questions, listed to what we wanted and made suggestions that fit the look and budget we were going for. She was quick to get a quote back to us and then order the product for install. David came to perform the install and he was friendly, quick, clean and efficient. I will definitely use these guys again in the future for any new projects. It's always nice to meet new contacts and know who to call for future projects. Thanks you guys! Will definitely recommend you as well to friends and family.
Carrie J.
San Diego, CA
Vineyard Blind & Shutter is a great, local business. I've used them in the last two homes I've purchased. Once in 2009 and again in 2014. The sales process was low pressure. The options were plentiful and we were able to get exactly what we wanted both times. Install was quick and professional. I never needed service until recently. One of the blinds in my master bedroom stopped working. It feel like the mechanism to open/shut the slats was stuck. I emailed yesterday morning and had a call back within the hour. Technician came out today and was unable to resolve the issue on site. The blind needs to be re-strung. We are just outside the warranty period but they offered to take the blinds and have them repaired at the factory free of charge. You just don't find this level of service too many places. I consider myself a loyal customer and it's great to see a local business with integrity and a high level of customer service. Thank you!
Jordan W.
Murrieta, CA