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San Diego Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

san diego blindsThe weather in San Diego is among some of the best in the country. With a warm climate year round, it isn’t hard to understand why so many people live and work here. Located in southern California, San Diego is truly a small bit of paradise on planet Earth.

But what do you do when you want to retreat to a cooler environment? Sure, air conditioning is one of the best inventions mankind has bestowed on civilization, but even AC can become quite expensive, especially during the hottest months of summer. This is where Vineyard Blind & Shutter comes in. If you are searching for great energy saving San Diego blinds and shutters, you can count on Vineyard to help you reduce the amount of money you spend cooling your home or business.

Quality window coverings can reduce the amount of heat that builds up in your home or business. In turn, you’ll be less likely to crank up the AC. San Diego blinds and shutters from Vineyard are beautiful, custom fit, and very affordable. In the time it takes for you to measure your windows, drive down to the big box store, wait to get your questions answered, purchase window coverings that may or may not fit, go home and install them, Vineyard’s experienced and professional technicians could have had the job done in a fraction of the time. Our mobile window covering service comes right to you and performs all work on the premises. They will answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect window covering that will compliment your interior and exterior design. As a veteran owned business, we take pride in the fact that we can provide high quality, rapid, and custom services to all of our clients.

Blinds and Shutters in San Diego for Any Home's Style

The blinds and shutters we install are perfectly fit to each and every window in your home or business. Our technicians will come to the property and measure each individual window to as to ensure a perfect fit. As always, we offer free estimations and will discuss product and pricing options for each and every project. Next, they will discuss covering options with you. Should you choose to dress your windows up with blinds, we have many options to choose from. Are you in the mood for natural wood blinds? Or what about faux wood or composite? We have it all and our select blinds are manufactured by the best in the industry.

Our shutters add a style unrivaled by our competitors. We feature shutters by Sunland and each one features the best workmanship in the industry. They are available in split tilt, hidden tilt, and standard tilt configurations and are available in many different colors. Each shutter we install is fully backed by an industry standard warranty and our installation services are guaranteed. When it comes to San Diego blinds and shutters, Vineyard Blind & Shutter is clearly the only choice you should make.

Cool off with Vineyard Blind & Shutter

If you are ready to reduce your energy costs with San Diego blinds, shutters, and shades, contact Vineyard Blind & Shutter today. We’ll come to you!

shutters san diegoThe benefits of our San Diego blinds and shutters go beyond their mere aesthetics. Sure, it’s always important to have the right window coverings for any room in your home. After all, the windows are one of the main focal points that determine how any room is decorated and organized, and the right window coverings often make the perfect finishing touch.

Dynamic window coverings like shutters and blinds in San Diego can give you a combination of lighting control and the ability to adjust your privacy level at ease. However, did you know the right window coverings can actually save you money?

In San Diego, shutters and blinds can be used to keep your home cooler. You just need to select blinds and shutters that are right for this endeavor. Considering the fact that dark colors absorb light, and bright colors reflect light, it should make sense why installing brightly colored window coverings tightly against your windows will reflect more light away from your home. Less light means less heat, and less heat means less money spent on air conditioning.

Ideally, you will want to have your window coverings closed throughout most of the day, especially in areas where the sun is directly shining into your home. At night, leave them open to allow heat to dissipate out through the windows. It may also be a good idea to leave your windows open at night as well.

You can also strategize with a dual approach to your home decor. Install a combination of bright colored shutters and dark colored shades. During the day, keep your shutters closed as much as possible to reflect light away from your home. At night, draw down the dark shades and allow the heat in the home to “absorb out”. This way you can maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Protecting Your San Diego Blinds and Shutters From Your Pets


shutters san diegoAnyone who owns a cat or two (or five) will tell you, they wreak havoc on your window coverings. Most of us have gone into someone’s house and found four or five plastic blinds removed near a window so their cat can peek through. It can be quite annoying when cats do this.

Cats do this for a number of reasons:

  • They see blinds as play things.
  • They want to see outside while the blinds are closed, so they chew away at the blinds so they can take a look.
  • While at the window, they become mentally stimulated by what's going on outside, and end up taking their energy out on the nearest object around them (in this case, the blinds).

One of the best ways of avoiding this is to select blinds and shutters that are more durable. In San Diego, shutters made of wood or faux wood are a popular choice, not only because they are stylish, but because they can withstand being bombarded by cats. If shutters are high in quality, your can likely rest their full body weight on one of the slats without any damage being done.

You can also put down strips of tinfoil or double-sided tape on your windowsill. Cats dislike the feeling of these substances.


shutters san diegoDogs tend to destroy window coverings for one of two reasons: they either regard them as mere obstacles to seeing what’s going on outside, or they see them as playthings. Most dog owners know that it’s almost impossible to train their dogs not to react to sounds going on outside, especially other dogs, the mail man, loud cars, and sirens.

Here are some strategies for dog owners who want select blinds and shutters in San Diego:

  • Vertical Blinds: These are a great idea for dog owners because they are vertical to the ground, meaning when dogs paw at them, they won’t break. They are also easier for your dog to see through. Often all they need to do is move one aside with their snouts.
  • Plantation Shutters: In San Diego, shutters of the plantation style are common not only because they are stylish, but also because they are sturdy and can allow dogs to look through them very easily via their various openings and slats.
  • Wide Slat Wood Blinds: These can allow dogs to see what's going on outside more easily than other blinds. However, your dog should be well behaved if you use these, as they can snap under pressure from a dog.

How To Select Blinds, Shades, and Shutters In San Diego

blinds san diegoBelieve it or not, it can be difficult to select blinds, shades, and shutters for your home. Everyone’s home is different and with such a variety of window coverings out there, making a selection can be rather difficult. There’s also the stress of not knowing if something is actually going to look right once it arrives, or if the measurements are correct. Fortunately, our mobile window covering services bring our showroom right to your door, so you can view any potential window coverings right in the natural lighting of your own home.

How To Select Blinds, Shades, And Shutters In San Diego For Your Living Room

blinds san diegoKeep the following factors in mind:

  • Color - It’s obviously best to choose window coverings that match the color layout of your living room. You don’t want them to clash with the color of your walls, furniture, or carpet. Rather, you want window coverings that flow with these colors but also highlight the windows themselves. A neutral style living room can benefit from the right brightly colored window coverings.
  • Style - If you own a traditionally styled home, San Diego blinds and shutters made of wood or faux wood is a good idea. If your style is more modern or minimalist, modern window coverings are a better idea.
  • Window Position - If you want to block out the sun or reduce the glare on computers or TV screens, go for a thicker fabric. Shades are great for this. However, if your main concern is privacy, select blinds and shutters made of wood or faux wood.

How To Select Blinds, Shades, And Shutters In San Diego For Your Bathroom

shutters san diegoThe bathroom is an area that sees a lot of temperature changes and moisture. These conditions can wreak havoc on wood window coverings, causing them to expand and contract, leading to damage over time. Instead, you might want to consider shades. Faux woods can also be installed in the bathroom, as these look just like natural wood, without the risk of damage occurring due to moisture and temperature changes.

How To Select Blinds, Shades, And Shutters In San Diego For Your Bedroom

shutters san diegoYour bedroom should be a place that is relaxing, serving as a respite from the world where you can rest. The ideal colors for your bedroom are those that are cool and calming. If you have a traditionally styled home, a good idea is to install dark wooden shades or shutters. If your home is more modern in style, consider dark colored roller shades.

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