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CONTRACTORS LICENSE #869992 | [email protected]

Full-Height Window Shutters

With full-height window shutters, you can cover the entire surface area of a large window with one panel. These shutters provide excellent coverage and serve as a gorgeous accent when used with modern homes. When you work with Vineyard Blind & Shutter, we make custom-fit, full-height shutters for any space in your household.

The Benefits of Full-Height Window Shutters

Full-height shutters can be tall structures, they add drama and personality to any room. This style is perfect for rooms with large windows or glass doors since they can let in light during the day and close at night. If you’re interested in a statement piece like full-height shutters, consider your options, including our local services.
Along with being a unique style, full-height window shutters are a practical addition. Like any other shutter, their main purpose is to adjust room lighting and insulate your home. Here are a few reasons why full-height shutters are worthwhile investments:
  • Privacy: Full-height window shutters have louvered panels for adjustable movement. You can close up your shutters and enjoy some privacy when you want to block light or visibility.
  • Energy savings: Shutters help you save on your energy bills because they maintain your internal temperature. Without shutters, your windows can “soak up” your heat or cooling and make your system work harder.
  • Noise control: Another benefit of insulated windows is limiting noises from outside. Just as your shutters block external temperatures, they do so for external noises.
  • Flexible lighting: You can open hinged shutters for full access to your outdoor view and lighting. Enjoy your shutters to the fullest with a style that matches your light preferences.
  • Customization: At Vineyard Blind & Shutter, we offer customization for your shutters’ material, color, and size. Complement your space with a statement shutter that fits your style.

Where to Use Your Full-Height Shutters

Full-height shutters are unique solutions for many spaces. Many homeowners love how these fixtures complement tall windows in a sitting room or primary bedroom. These shutters are also great for glass doors.

Because we can fit full-height shutters to any space in your home, our team has completed many projects with large doors. We find that these shutters work well with anything, from French-style to sliding glass doors. If you have an idea where full-height shutters might fit in your home, we have the team to get the project started.

Customize Your Home With Full-Height Shutters

Full-height shutters add dimension and personality to any room. If you’re interested in this style, you can explore custom window treatment services at Vineyard Blind & Shutter. We’ll help you create the perfect accent for your space with these dramatic shutters.

Our team offers free design services, estimates, measuring, and installation on any project. We come to you with samples and years of expertise to answer any questions you may have. Vineyard Blind & Shutter is a veteran-owned and family-operated business, so we offer financing options and military discounts.

To get started on your full-height shutter project, you can contact us online or call 951-447-8062.