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What Are Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, were thought to be an out of style, older window covering. But don’t dismiss them too fast, they are still a very cost-efficient and eye-catching choice. Honeycomb shades in San Diego can be a fantastic choice for your home. With all of the benefits they offer and the wide variety of styles that will fit into any home, why not switch over to honeycomb shades?

So, What Exactly Are Honeycomb Shades?

Essentially, honeycomb shades are a window covering made out of a woven fabric that is organized in 2-4 sheets that have layers of “cells”. The “cells” are air pockets in between the layers of fabric, trapping air, which makes them more energy-efficient than traditional blinds. They also operate the same as traditional blinds, cordless, and non-cordless. Think of it as a long and thin accordion (without the music). They are made of a few key parts and are the most customizable shade on the market. 

Customization Options For Cellular Shades in San Diego

Honeycomb shades are numerous in their customization options. From the materials, light-filtering, and operation methods. There are 2 main types of honeycomb shades in San Diego, single cell and double cell. Single cell shades use only 2 layers of fabric, occasionally having 2 additional layers inside of the outside fabric for extra insulation and durability. Double cell honeycomb shades have 4 layers of fabric, again occasionally having 2 additional layers inside of the outside fabric. 

They each have their own advantages over the other. Single cell shades are twice as thin, so they won’t offer as much temperature control as a double cell shade. Their price point will also be cheaper than double cell. Although they will fit very well in windows with small sills, and work well in places with a moderate climate. On the other hand, double cell shades work very well in San Diego. These types of shades have a design that allows them to trap the hot air in the cells, and keep the cool air inside. Thus making them better for San Diego. They will also work very well in colder climates, trapping the cold air in the cells, and keeping the warm air inside. 

Adding to that, honeycomb shades in San Diego come in different opacities. These different shades will not only contribute to privacy, but also energy consumption. Cellular shades also come in 2 different tones, 1 on the outside, 1 on the inside. Typically the outside color is white, it will reflect light the most. After that, it’s up to you for the color on the inside! Most of the attention is towards privacy, the more transparent the shade, the less privacy you will get. A living room might have a more transparent look, while a bedroom will have a more opaque shade. 

Honeycomb shades in San Diego are very unique in the way that they can be opened traditionally, or open from the top down. This can be very useful, what if you want some natural light in a room, but still want your privacy? You can open the top half of the shade letting in some sun but not allow other people to see you. Honeycomb shades are very customizable, if not, the most customizable window covering. 

What Honeycomb Shades Should I Buy For My Southern California Home?

As described there are many different options for you to choose from. They do look a lot more modern than traditional blinds, but the energy-saving perks can be justified in any home! You will also need to take into consideration how much you will use them, cellular shades need regular use to not become stiff and break. Honeycomb shades are also noise-canceling, if your home is in a louder area, they can help keep your home a bit quieter.  

The Most Energy Efficient Shade in San Diego

Other types of blinds, shutters, and shades do not compare to the honeycomb shades in regards to temperature control. They can reduce up to 62% of hot or cool air leaving your home through the window. That can really save you some money in the long run.

Pleated or Honeycomb?

If you’ve been looking into getting cellular shades in San Diego, you have likely come across pleated shades. Although pleated shades are as visually appealing as honeycomb, they can lack in privacy and insulation, whereas they don’t have any “cells”. They are very similar as they are made out of the same fabric, but they only have one sheet on this fabric, where honeycomb shades will have anywhere from 2-8 sheets. 

Should I Get Honeycomb Shades if I Have Pets Or Children?

The short answer to this question is, Yes! Pets will often chew on the strings attached to traditional blinds, and children can get strangled on them. Luckily honeycomb shades in San Diego have the option to go cordless. Another downside to traditional blinds is that pets will see them as something blocking a window, and will move the blinds out of the way to look outside, often damaging them. Since honeycomb shades are 1 big sheet in front of the window, pets will usually see them as a wall. But they also have the option to be pulled up and show them the outside. They also benefit new parents, the option to get light-blocking has saved many newborns from an interrupted nap. The efficiency can also help keep the room the perfect temperature for babies. 

Give Them A Try!

With all of the details and benefits shown, why not try out honeycomb shades in San Diego?